Make an Educated Offer on a Home

Call ASHCO for detailed walk-through inspections in the Gig Harbor, Puget Sound & Tacoma, WA Areas

Before you place an offer on a home, call ASHCO Home Inspections Inc. to schedule a pre-offer home inspection. Jon will walk through the home with you and point out any potential problems he sees. He will evaluate the main systems which will help you and your agent create a negotiation strategy.

Choose ASHCO Home Inspections to help you make an educated decision about your home purchase. Call 253-355-6793 to schedule a walk-through inspection in and around Gig Harbor, WA and the Puget Sound area.

Save time with a pre-offer home inspection

Have you purchased a home before? If you're new to homebuying or you're looking for expert advice, recruit ASHCO Home Inspections for a pre-offer home inspection. ASHCO seek out signs of deficiencies like:

  • Exterior storm damage
  • Interior water damage
  • Faulty electrical work
  • Foundation cracking

Call a home inspector located in Gig Harbor, WA to start learning about the perks of a pre-offer home inspection today.